Ironman 70.3 Training – Day 1

Today was officially the first day of my training plan, and it started with 2 sports. Who does that in a training plan, by the way? Swim and bike on day 1? What did I sign up for??

Anyway, this morning’s swim was pretty rough because about half a lap in I came to a sad realization – I have no idea what I’m doing in the water. I was instinctually holding my breath when my face hit the water instead of breathing out, so when I went up for air I would try to breathe out and in again really quickly. Nope. Not a good idea at all. But, by the end of my 25min swim I was starting to get the hang of it just a little more, so I’m hoping with practice I will be able to swim with a lot more confidence than I currently have.

For the bike part of things I just did a quick warm up, then a few hill repeats, and cooled down on the way back to my apartment. All in all it took about 45min, which was a bit less than my official plan told me but I did hills instead of flat so I’m going to count that as good. Day 1: check. Now on to days 2-140 or something outrageous like that.

Off to WWDC

This year I won the opportunity to pay an extremely large sum of money to go learn about some development stuff from some nerds at Apple (read: WWDC). I can’t wait to get there, although apparently Frontier doesn’t want me to get there anytime soon. So here I am, sitting at the airport, overly excited to get to San Francisco. Wait, why am I complaining? I’m going to San Francisco for WWDC! I’ll be blogging / tweeting (@sefeuerstein) a lot of the time, so check back here for updates. Well, at least for updates that I’m allowed to post.


Welcome to my new site! This site will include posts about iOS development, tutorials, my progress as I train for my first half Ironman triathlon in October, and pretty much anything else I want to share with the world. Feel free to contact me via twitter @sefeuerstein or send an email to if you have any questions!